Summer 2015 Norfolk Holiday Dialysis

Due to a couple of cancellations we have some spaces available in July for holiday dialysis here at Norfolk Holiday Dialysis. Please ring for details.

Also we still have some spaces for later in the Summer and Autumn, so why don’t you think about a holiday here in beautiful Norfolk?

If you have not been for dialysis away from home before we are the perfect choice. We are a small, friendly but very professional unit. We both have many years experience in dialysis and have never had any problems with needling fistulas here at Norfolk Holiday Dialysis in the five years we have been open. We have dialysed many people for their first time away from home here, and they always came back for more!

We’d be delighted to speak to you if you are at all worried about holiday dialysis, and discuss our unit and the process of dialysis here with us. Everybody deserves a holiday and it is such a shame that some people don’t feel confident to dialyse away from home and so miss out on a holiday. You wouldn’t be committed in any way if you just want to have a chat with us about it, in fact we’d be pleased to hear from you.

Michelle and Danny at Norfolk Holiday Dialysis.