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Norfolk Holiday Dialysis review

I stumbled on this review on the NHS Choices website while doing some some research for our website. Thank you!

Norfolk Holiday Dialysis

There appears to have been some confusion at some units and for some patients.

Just to make things clear, Norfolk Dialysis is completely separate from The Mermaid Centre at Wells Cottage Hospital. Norfolk Dialysis is based just 10 minutes from the main seaside resort of Hunstanton, and we are just round the corner from Sandringham. They have changed their website address to pretty much the same as ours and this may have led to some confusion, but we are not associated with The Mermaid Centre in any way.


Unfortunately for people on dialysis there is still some confusion surrounding payment for holiday dialysis treatment. We are trying to make it clear to everyone that Norfolk Dialysis is contracted to NHS England for all holiday dialysis payments. No NHS Trust will have to pay for their patients holiday dialysis treatment.

If you are a patient and are having any problems booking a holiday then please get your unit to contact us and we will put them straight!

Norfolk Holiday Dialysis local activities

Here are links to several things going on not far from us here at Norfolk Holiday Dialysis. We can still manage to squeeze people in for holiday dialysis here in Norfolk if you want to give us a ring!

Norfolk Holiday Dialysis

We’ve just had our busiest week ever here providing holiday dialysis in Norfolk. Here at Norfolk Holiday Dialysis we enjoy meeting all the new faces we have seen this year, and also equally enjoy seeing our regulars!

If you are after some holiday dialysis why not try us? We are busy all year, but we do have some spaces for holiday dialysis in Norfolk later in the Summer, and also the Autumn.

If by any chance you are thinking of holiday dialysis at Christmas just to warn you you will need to book early!

Michelle and Danny.

Summer 2014

Summer 2014 is proving to be as busy here at Norfolk Dialysis as last year. However we do have some spaces for holiday dialysis here in Norfolk still available. Please ring or e-mail and we’ll be pleased to do our best to fit you in!

The new payment system is working well, and patients are finding it easier to come on holiday that ever before! Please be sure to tell your holiday co-ordinator that your home unit no longer has to make payment for your treatment.

We have added a new page to our website with some patient comments and reviews on. It’s nice to know that people have enjoyed their time with us and many are coming back for more!

Funding for holiday dialysis.

As I’m sure many of you are aware there have been significant changes to the way dialysis within the NHS has been paid for over the last few years with the introduction of the National Tariff, and holiday dialysis has been affected by this. I know some of you may have had problems getting funding for your holidays to units such as ourselves, and Lakeland Dialysis, as we have significantly higher costs than the NHS who are carrying out dialysis on an industrial scale. We do not charge more because we are making a big profit from the NHS but because on the small scale we are dialysing we simply cannot afford to do it for the same cost as the NHS.

Norfolk Dialysis is now contracted to NHS England to provide dialysis for people coming on holiday to Norfolk. What this essentially means is that you will no longer have to get your trust to agree to cover the cost of your dialysis while you are on holiday here. This process has only just been completed so some trusts may not be aware of it yet. Please get your holiday co-ordinators to contact us if you have any problems with your trust saying you can’t dialyse at Norfolk Dialysis because we are a private unit – you can and your trust will not now have to foot the bill.

All this means it is now easier than ever to book holiday dialysis with us, but it doesn’t mean this is guaranteed for ever! We all know the NHS is under increasing financial pressures from central government, and I would urge you to make sure the people who fund holiday dialysis to units such as ourselves are aware of how important it is for people with kidney failure to be able to have a holiday, especially with so many NHS units now struggling to find spaces for holiday patients. Write to your MP, and write to NHS England and let them know just how important holiday units are to people with kidney failure – don’t lose your chance to have a holiday within the UK.

Summer 2013

Summer 2013 has been a very busy year. In fact it’s been our busiest yet with many new faces, but also plenty of regulars back for their second, third or even fourth visit. The clinic is now equipped with fully adjustable electric dialysis chairs, and we have also acquired a new dialysis machine – the all-singing all-dancing Fresenius 5008. Please keep an eye on this website as we are giving it a bit of a revamp soon.

Happy New Year from Norfolk Dialysis!

We’d like to wish all our readers and patients – both former, and future – a very Happy New Year. We have had an exceptionally busy Christmas period dialysing Christmas Eve and Boxing Day to fit around our patient’s wishes.

This week has also been very busy on the bookings front for both the Spring and the Summer, so if you are thinking of coming to Norfolk why don’t you either give us a ring or send us an e-mail, and we can have a chat and send you some information, though most of it you’ll find on this site. If you do ring and get the answer phone, please leave us a message and we will get back to you within a day at the most!

Care Quality Commission Inspection

We recently had our routine inspection by the Care Quality Commission. The visit went very well, and we passed with flying colours! You can view the inspector’s report on the CQC website accessable through this website on our About the Clinic page.