Christmas is coming…

This Summer has been the busiest yet here at Norfolk Holiday Dialysis. It’s been lovely to meet a lot of new clients and, as always, equally nice to see those returning for, in some cases, their fifth year in a row! The weather has been a bit hit and miss this year, but I think everybody has enjoyed their holiday regardless. We hope we have made you all feel welcome, and relaxed. We know how difficult it can sometimes be to take the plunge, and have your dialysis at a strange unit with staff you don’t know. But it is important for everybody to be able to have a holiday, and to be able to enjoy their holiday without worrying about whether the machine will be ready, or needling problems etc. Please feel free to ring for a bit of a chat if you want to know any more about us, our clinic, or how to go about booking a holiday. Out of season we will not be in the clinic unless we have clients booked for holiday dialysis, so please leave a message if we are not here, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. And don’t forget Norfolk Holiday Dialysis is fully funded by the NHS so your clinic will not have to fund your holiday. Some clinics are still having difficulty understanding this, so again, please feel free to ring us for clarification. We will be more than willing to speak to your clinic to explain this if needed.

We are expecting to be busy again this Christmas, so if you are thinking of going away for the festivities, or are visiting family in the area please think about booking soon! We will be closed for two weeks in November – from Tuesday the 3rd until Friday the 20th (even we need a holiday sometimes!) – but otherwise we are open all year.

Have a look at our website where you will find details of the clinic, as well as places to stay, eat and drink, and things to do in the local area for all the family.

And don’t forget, just because you are on dialysis doesn’t mean you can’t go on holiday!

Michelle and Danny.